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There are a growing number of Labradoodle breeders in the world thanks to the popularity of the animal. A Labradoodle is one of the most intelligent and even temperamental dogs in the world. While the Labradoodle is a great dog,
not all Labradoodle breeders are created equal.
With new breeders come rookie mistakes and
improper breeding techniques as well as the
conditions in which the puppies spend the first 6
to 12 weeks of their lives or more if the new
breeder is not a great marketer as well. Here are
a few things that you want to look for when
choosing the Labradoodle breeders from which
you will consider making a purchase.

  • Genetic testing
  • Clean and healthy living conditions
  • Presale or baby training breeders

Genetic Testing Is Vital

Does your breeder test their breeding stock for genetic diseases that are the disposition of the individual breeds? This can be a tricky and confusing question so let's break it down. The two and sometimes three breeds from which the Labradoodle and mini Labradoodle are bred are prone to diseases specific to that breed. For instance, many retrievers are predisposed to hip dysphasia. Fortunately, just because the breed is predisposed, that does not mean every dog is. If the Labradoodle puppies are bred from two clean dogs that do not have this disease gene, the puppies will not have it either. All it takes is a simple genetic test that many new Labradoodle breeders do not want to pay for.

How Do They Live

Clean and healthy living conditions consist of much more than just cleaning out the pens or kennels at night. The questions you should ask or even physically check for are these. Do the dogs have a run or a place to exercise or are they always in their pens or kennel? Is the water replaced every single day or every other day? Would you drink water that sat by your beside for more than 24 hours? Are the dogs being fed dog food that contains chemicals? Are they fed vitamin-enriched foods? Do they receive regular check-ups? You will not know this of your Labradoodle breeder unless you ask.

Pre-sale Training Policy

Presale or baby training breeders are Labradoodle breeders who do one of the most important tasks that help new owners. They begin to socialize the puppies after the fourth day of life. If you purchase an 8-week-old puppy that has never been handled by a human being, you are purchasing an emotionally stunted Labradoodle puppy. Experienced and knowledgeable Labradoodle breeders know that puppies need to be handled by humans in the first few days of their lives and should have human interaction every day. The more that people play with the pups, the more socialized they will be, and the easier they will be to train.

Questions For You

Great Labradoodle breeders will have as many questions for you as you have of them. They will be completely open and honest and will invite you to check their credentials and conditions. They will also want to know how much experience you have with puppies and what kind of living conditions their puppies can expect before they sell them to you. This kind of concern is the true mark of great Labradoodle breeders.
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